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Sheepskin – The Unofficial History

Throughout its history, Australia has been the undisputed leader in production of fine woollen products to the world’s markets. Our first settlers could not have envisaged the magnitude of the industry they started when they imported a few Spanish sheep all those years ago. Although the modern trends are for man-made fibres, there is a ground-swell that is pushing wool back to its previous prominence.

A fibre that provides natural insulation is welcome not only for winter warmth but coolness in summer. As clothing, the shearers of the Australian outback wear woollen singlets year round – they know the benefits.

The excellent insulation qualities of wool are combined with the strength of natural leather to produce the modern equivalent of the caveman’s first clothing. As society developed so did clothing. A sheepskin boot still has the comfort and protection it offered our ancestors.

Recent history has seen the automobile become a central focus on our lives. The use of sheepskin car seat covers follows the same principles as clothing, warm in winter and cool in summer.

As we become more leisure orientated we turn to recreations such as motorcycling. Once again the benefits of a sheepskin seat cover are unsurpassed for natural insulation and for good old comfort as you tour away the miles.

Our range combines the best of Australian products with our own high quality range which is manufactured exclusively in our own factory.

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Honda Goldwing GL1800

Honda GL1800 2000 Mid Grey Sheepskin Motorcycle Seat Cover



Great seat cover super comfortable. If the photo is not suitable let me know and I will give you another one.

Many thanks, will send the backrest and one of the armrests to you next week with a return courier satchel. Will talk to you next week about it again.